A backstage life for me!

As a child I participated in children's theatre as sheperd nr. 3 in the Gospel play for several years. In 4th grade I advanced to become Espen Askeladd himself (to all non-Norwegians; that's a very loved and identity-making character from Norwegian fairy tales) and was probaly the peak of my acting career. I fought trolls and other ugly creatures to win the fair princess and half of the kingdom.

Verena and Stefanie inviteted me to the Passion Play theatre during my second stay in Oberammergau. I brought my secret weapon (iPhone) to become an undercover paparazzi-photographer with the worst photo lense ever. I was in various of wardrobes, got ran down by a bunch of speedy high priest with colourful dresses, testing the canteen coffee, stumbled in Jesus's cross and walked down the steep animal entrance to get out of the building. The backstage life is hectic, fun - and most of all; absolutely charming.

Right before I took this blurry paparazzi-photo, a bunch of apostles ran into the canteen. They were pretty hungry because they ate a lot of food before they suddenly disappeared again. Where to? The stage, I guess. (The photo on the left doesen't need any further explanation, I think.)
A bunch of these guys were in constant deep hurry. But they still have fantastic hats (check out my earlier blogging about the Passion Play). Here we are talking charisma! Oberammergauian charisma.

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